Front Page News

Author: Katie Rowney
Publisher: e-penguin 1st May 2016
Sold by: Penguin Australia Pty Ltd
Format: Kindle Edition
Page length: 217
Source: NetGalley, Penguin

My Thoughts

Stacey McCallaghan, cadet journalist is attempting to make her mark in the small town of Toomey, rural Queensland. Her journalistic skills are not exactly challenged as, other than the the bowls club and other such country pursuits, there's nothing exciting happening. Until, that is, the first body turns up, and they continue to turn up! The police investigation is not going well and as Stacey always seems to be first on the scene the spotlight turns on her. If the murders aren't solved soon, Stacey could be in big trouble, she decides that the police are fumbling the investigation, so decides to turn sleuth!
I'd call this a cozy as it has all the elements of a humourous mystery; small town setting, lots of interesting and colourful local characters, and of course, a lead character who turns sleuth. There's a smattering of romance, loads of laughs and plenty of Queensland flavour. It's a refreshing change to read a few Australianisms (?) and for those who don't know what a "demountable" is, it's a portable building!
I found it a really quick and entertaining read, but maybe more suited to a reader a tad younger than me. A good debut novel. I'd recommend this book to those who love a cozy style mystery, a well deserved 3 Stars.

About the Author

Katie Rowney started out as a journalist in a small country town and saw her first dead body on her second day on the job. After shifting through several community newspapers and freelancing for Fairfax, she joined the dark side as a media officer for the emergency services. Her job involved everything from evacuating towns during cyclones to trying to train firefighters not to swear during live-to-air interviews. She’s currently a senior communications officer at a Queensland university, helping engineers and scientists with no social skills share their findings with the world. Front Page News is Katie’s debut novel. You can find her on twitter or online at katierowney dot com
ARC kindly provided by NetGalley and Penguin Books Australia

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