Ink and Bone

Author: Lisa Unger
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (Australia)

Edition: Paperback

ISBN 9781471150487

Source: NetGalley


Missing child, desperate mother, a private detective who uses a psychic to help his investigations. The cool looking student who can only quieten her head by riding her Harley at high speed.


A paranormal mystery which tiptoes in to the world of darkness and horror. Finlay lives with her grandmother, a world renowned psychic. Finlay is learning to deal with her own psychic abilities as well as her studies, her grandmother is her mentor. Apart from her unusual abilities, Finlay is typical of many young women who are trying to establish an identity, they get themselves a cool look. She has the usual multi coloured hair and tattood skin but she is luckier than most as she has a parent wealthy enough to buy her a Harley motorcycle.

Finlay and her Gran become involved in an investigation instigated by the Gleasons, Merri can't accept that she will never see her daughter again. She and her husband Wolf are having marital problems ......

Though I quite enjoyed parts of the book there are far too many characters and some didn't really contribute much of any interest. For me a good story doesn't need quite so many tangents.

I'd recommend this book to a younger reader

ARC provided by NetGally and Simon & Schuster (Australia) in return for an honest review


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