Dead Is Dead

Author: John Lansing
Publisher: Gallery Books / Karen Hunter Publishing
Source: NetGalley / Karen Hunter Publishing

Series: Jack Bertolino Book 3

ISBN: 9781501147562

Publication Date: 31st May 2016

4 Stars


If you have ever watched the T.V. series Walker, Texas Ranger also written by John Lansing, then you will already know that he can write a darned good story. This is action, all the way from the beginning to the exciting climax

Hollywood producer George Litton wants to make a movie based on one of Jacks recent cases, he employs Jack as both technical advisor and protector of the female lead, Susan Blake who has a cyber stalker. Jack Bertolino, P.I. and retired police officer enters the world of Hollywood and movie making.

The film action starts on set, but a real life tragedy occurs nearby, a six year old little girl is shot dead in her own home, at the same time outside her house a drug dealer is also shot dead. At first, it looks like a drive by shooting, but the reader will know the truth from the beginning.

The shooter is a cold hearted, chilling villain but he feels justified, he "never killed a man who didn't need killing", but killing the child was a mishap, he regretted it but seemed more concerned that the murder of a child could create more problems for him and his brothers. Child murder motivated the police like no other crime, if he was caught it might also lead the police to his brothers. Add drug running to the mix and Jack Bertolino has his hands full.

I missed the second book in this series, but the author adds enough backstory for the reader to be informed. Despite the fact that there is an awful lot going on in this book the author never leaves the reader feeling confused as to what's happening, the writing flows beautifully.

The ending is very exhilarating and builds to a tremendous crescendo of excitement. It's a little too action packed though for my particular tastes, and I did find parts of the storyline to be quite chilling, but I highly recommend it to those who love a multi layered fast moving, filled to the brim adventure.

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