Misdirection: Lucas Norton


Publisher's Summary

Misdirection is the first novel in a series of international crime thrillers by Martin Link. High-tech and action packed, this may seem like the stuff of science fiction; however, the series features amazing new technology that actually exist in the world today.

When we first encounter the series' narrator, Lucas Norton, he's riding his bicycle through a sleeting rain, heading to his office in the British Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) complex in Cheltenham, England.

Meet the new James Bond. He has all the high-tech toys Britain's MI5 security service has developed at his disposal, but he's just a regular guy dealing with a promotion and marital problems, in addition to one hell of a caper.

Lucas's first assignment at MI5 is to chase down a lead that consists of an e-mail containing four high-level keywords, a barely-intelligible phone call made from the same smartphone from which the e-mail was sent, and a cryptic numerical text.

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My Review

I loved the very Britishness of this book, the world could be falling down around our ears, yet the Spooks are as cool as cucumbers, keeping us safe from all manner of things and people!

I'm an expat., so I really appreciated the wonderful written descriptions of the weather, of buildings, people, smells and feelings. Then there's Lucas, riding his bicycle to work through the nasty cold sleet, this, along with excellent narration, combine to ensure the listener experiences it all.

I thought Lucas, in his Marks & Spencer suit, quite likeable, and I really wanted him to do well. (I loved Marks and Spencer, and I miss it).

This story has some interesting twists and turns, one of which, quite surprised me. It is a "spy" story, not the genre I usually go for, but I found it a bit different, clever, with interesting people, and as a bonus, I feel I learned a bit too, I know it's fiction, but it has to make one think a bit about all those people who look out for Joe Public. It's not all about the military and fighting battles, there is so much behind the scenes action that we know nothing about. Like a ghostly war fought by spooks.

I understand that there are more books in the pipeline, I hope there are, as put quite simply, I found it to be a darned good read.


I enjoyed Chris MacDonnells' narration, he has a pleasant voice, easy to listen to, good characterisation with good pace and pitch. He didn't overdo anything, which I appreciated, as overacting can be distracting to the listener. Sound quality and production were both excellent.

A good narrator is so important to the listeners enjoyment, so I shall look out for Chris in the future. We audiobook listeners are quite fussy, so I hope that Martin Link, the author, ensures all future "Lucas Norton" audiobooks are narrated by Chris MacDonnell.

This audiobook was gifted to me, and in return, this review is my honest opinion.



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