Drop Dead Divas


Drop Dead Divas: Dixie Divas Mysteries, Book 2

Publishers Summary

"What happens with the Divas, stays with the Divas."
Welcome to a genteel world of pimento-cheese finger sandwiches, tall libations in frosted glasses, stiletto heels, aging southern-belle sisterhood, and murder....

In Dixie Divas, Trinket Truevine, her pal Bitty and their raucous diva friends in the historic small town of Holly Springs, Mississippi, solved the murder of Bitty's ex-senator husband, Phillip. Now, in Drop Dead Divas, the Divas are sleuthing again. Town bad girl Naomi Spencer has been accused of murdering her fiancé, drag-race champion Race Champion. Soon, Naomi turns up dead, too. Talk about a fly in the martini...

Join the bawdy fun as Trinket, Bitty and the gang unravel another small-town mystery.

Virginia Brown is the acclaimed author of more than 50 romance and mystery novels.

©2010 Virginia Brown (P)2012 Bell Bridge Books

My Review

Here they go again! .....

Bittys' late husbands girlfriend now has a brand new fiancé. Bitty insists on referring to him as her late husband despite being oft reminded by Trinket that, as they were divorced when he was murdered, he is her ex husband. Anyway, back to the story, Naomi, the girlfriend, being truly stupid, (bless her heart) sees no reason why she and Bitty can't now be friends, after all, the Senator, Bittys' late ex husband, is dead, so what's to gripe about? While Trinket, Bitty and Chitlin' are enjoying tasty treats at the cafe, Naomi decides it would be a good time to kiss and make up, so she shows off her engagement ring. Bittys response : "oh there it is dear, it looks almost real"

This is so typical of the wonderfully facetious Divas, and there is so much more to come.

There does, though, have to be a murder, and the first to go is Race Champion, Naomi's fiancé, the next victim is found on one of Bittys remote properties. Once again the Divas must band together and solve the murder, before Bitty gets herself arrested.

At one point, when Bittys circumstances are somewhat reduced, Trinket decides to teach her how to shop - in Walmart!

This series is chock full of fun, there's also a little bit of romance, all pure entertainment and should be first line treatment for anyone down in the dumps.

I first met the Divas in a Book one freebie from narrator Karen Commins, all I can say to all you authors and narrators out there is this: Freebies work! If joyed it so much that bought this second audiobook in the series from Audible with my one and only precious monthly credit! It didn't let me down!


Karen Commins is a star in this series, to me, her Southern accent is just perfect. She has a wonderful sense of comic timing which really does justice to the writing. Divas without Karen would be unthinkable.


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