You Can Run by Trevor Wood

Author Trevor Wood

Pub. Date: 16th March 2023

Five Stars

Ruby Winter is surprised when her reclusive father invites a strange soldier into their house. Intrigued, she tries to eavesdrop on their conversation, but is alarmed when she hears a fight break out. She dashes into the kitchen to save her dad, but he's not the one in trouble.

It takes but a minute before the action starts!

Teenager Ruby lives with her dad, Alex, it seems neither are terribly sociable with the other inhabitants of their small English village, Alex in particular keeps to him self.

Next thing we know there is a man on their kitchen floor and he's not very well at all, fact is, he's been stabbed!  Ruby is told in no uncertain terms they must go, and go now.

Next comes another act of violence, and, along with some other hair raising and eye widening events makes it obvious that our Ruby is the target! This for me was the most intriguing hook in the story, the girl was but 16 years old, what on earth could she have done or what did she know that held such value for her would be captors? 

As the story unfolds the tension rises, you do not want to miss this one!

This book really held my attention, from beginning to end

Thanks to NetGalley and Quercus

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