Bye Bye Baby Fiona McIntosh

Bye Bye Baby by Fiona McIntosh

pub: 2007

It all began in Brighton. Now there is a killer on the loose. Scotland Yard′s brightest talent is chosen to head up the high-profile taskforce, a DCI who must confront his own past as the body count rises.

There are few leads and Jack Hawksworth can only fall back on instinct and decades-old cold cases for any clue to the killer′s motive ... and identity.

With his most loyal team member threatening to betray him, a Chief Inspector pushing for results, a hungry British media clamouring for information, and a restless public eager for a conviction, the high-pressure operation can only end in a final shocking confrontation ...

This is the first book I have read by this author and, as I love a good British Police Procedural, I thought I'd give it a go, sadly this is not one of them. In fact it didn't feel like "British Police" at all, can't put my finger on the problem but something is not right with the police procedures.

I found our hero to be a boring sort of fellow who banged on endlessly about anything and everything, good for the word count I suppose, but not so good for maintaining reader interest.

I also thought that the 'romance' aspect to be a little out of place and a bit predictable, maybe it was intended as a hook, but it didn't work for me.


I am assured that subsequent stories in this series do get better, so maybe I will try again, just wish the author had got it right first time.

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