Matanzas Bay


Matanzas Bay Quint Mitchell series, 1

My Review

Quint runs his one man P.I. Agency in St. Augustine, his working day assignments are more the mundane than exciting, yet in his private life, Quint is battling the torment of tragic Personal memories. He looks upon his volunteer role as an assistant to Dr. Jeffrey Poe, St. Augustines' archeologist, as a relief from both his work and his memories.
On a dig, he uncovers a casket containing the murdered remains of Vice Mayor Bill Marrano, his brother, Buck, is one of the detectives who arrive on the scene.
All evidence of guilt point to Dr. Poe who is arrested and charged with his murder. Quint, convinced of his friends' innocence, embarks on a mission to prove it.
There plenty of twists and turns here, in fact the story becomes quite convoluted and (for me) a little difficult to follow, I got a little lost with all the characters and their many secrets. It's a difficult listen when multitasking, a multi layered mystery such as this is probably not the best choice for my style of listening. The author included a goodly amount of historical fact regarding St. Augustine and also of Civil Rights issues, some of which is quite moving. Despite getting a bit lost at times, I found this quite an exciting tale, the tension is kept high and the listener is never quite sure if he is on the right trail. Just when I thought I'd cracked it something else came along to add another layer of intrigue.
All due respect to the author for bringing all the threads of this well written story together for an exciting finish.


Mike Dennis is new to me, I enjoyed the narration as his voice suits the role of a P.I., rough, tough and worldly! I couldn't fault his characterisations (and he had plenty to deal with) and his pace and timing are, I thought, excellent. There is a certain part of the book in which a man relates a very moving account of an incident which occurred in his younger days, Mike Dennis relays this beautifully, yet he doesn't overact. I thought he treated a particularly moving part of the story, where someone relates their suffering at the hands of others, quite beautifully.
Good sound quality and production made for a comfortable listening experience, I'd happily listen to more of Mike Dennis' work.
I received this audiobook free in return for this my honest opinion.

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