Author: Ann Cleeves 

Narrator Jack Holden 

Publisher Macmillan 2021 

10 hours

I enjoyed the first book in this series (The Long Call) but admit to being hard pressed to finish this one, I hasten to add that not for the usual reason though!. I found it interesting but oh so very complex! So many characters, so many locations, twists turns and off shoots that I simply could not keep them straight

I got lost so many times and because it was in audiobook form I couldn't just flip back and forth, at least , not with ease and convenience.

I did find one annoying little aspect though, look, we know that Matthew is gay, we know he is married to the delightful and soft hearted Jonathan, it's a fact quite easily retained. Poor Jonathan is never his own man, he is referred to constantly as "Mathews husband Jonathan". Why can't he just be Jonathan in the way that Matthew is just Matthew, Jen is just Jen ... well, you get my drift!

Verdict? I should have read the book, not listened to it.

There was a change of narrator, Jack Holden took a bit of adjusting to, excellent as Matthew, he caught his character perfectly, but perhaps the scouse accent needs a little polishing

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