I have listened to the whole series, well, the series so far, and have enjoyed every moment. What a refreshing change he is to so many of the other fictional police officers.
I enjoyed his dry wit, I sympathise with his dislike of buzz words and I love that he possesses an almost hidden musical talent, the genre of which suits him so well.
The slow revelation of DC's intriguing past left me wanting to know more, however, patience is rewarded as his back story is cleverly woven in to the plots of each book.
This Police Procedural has been a real pleasure to read/listen to and I just hope there is more to come, the only drawback? It left me in a real reading slump of not being able to find another series to enjoy as much

Narrated by Gildart Jackson who is a perfect fit for the job, he makes a brilliant DC, one nitpick point is I couldn't understand why he would use the American pronunciation of "booey" rather than the English "bouy", that did seem odd!
More details  https://www.petergrainger.com/
Audiobooks via my library and Audible Australia (Self purchased)
  • Author Peter Grainger
  • Narrator Gildart Jackson
  • Publisher Tantor Audio
  • 6 hours 52 minutes

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