Mind over Murder

  • Narrated by Cindy Piller, 6 hours 41 minutes

    Unabridged Audiobook release date: 09/04/15

    Publisher Evelyn David

    Available from AUDIBLE

    Publishers Summary

    The last time the police knocked on psychic Valentine Zalmanzig Cohen's door they ignored her advice and the wrong man ended up in prison for murder. Five years later the knock comes again. Another couple killed in the same house. A copycat killer? Or has the original killer struck again? The police are willing to consider that perhaps they'd been wrong, but is Val willing to risk her marriage, career, and maybe even her life to try again?

    ©2014 Evelyn David (P)2015 Evelyn David

    My Review
    A fairly interesting plot with a few twists, the author set up the plot well giving us a good back story to set the scene. A typical cozy mystery from a very popular author. Our heroine, Valentine, having had her reputation and credibility as a psychic consultant to the police trashed, is now leading a much quieter life married to her antiques dealer husband. This changes, Valentine reluctantly finds herself becoming involved in a murder related to her past investigations. She and her husband (who, we discover, has his own special gift) decide to hold their own investigation into the dastardly goings on.
    They have their work cut out for them, they don't trust the police officers who seem determined to involve them in the actual murders and they find themselves on the wrong side of the law.
    Throw in some rather odd people and lots of twists and turns along the way, including the mother-in-law who never stops fault finding, a rather idiotic Chief of Police and a plumber who doesn't know his place and we have the basics of the mystery.
    Unfortunately, I found it went on a bit in places, was a bit repetitive and, to me, slightly tedious, especially the Valentine monologues. Valentine has the propensity to use ten words when two would do just as well. Otherwise, a good cozy mystery, just a bit slow for my liking.
    Read by Cindy Piller who is new to me. I must say, I really enjoyed her narration, lovely, easy to listen to voice with wonderful, not overdone enunciation. Excellent gender changes, pace and rhythm, Cindy kept this story going for me, had a lesser narrator been chosen I would probably had trouble finishing. 5 stars to Cindy, I really hope she gets lots more work as I would love to listen to her again
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