Dead in Pukalani

  • Written by: R. Barri Flowers

    Narrated by: Jane Boyer

    Length: 8 hrs and 57 mins

    Series: Eddie Naku Maui Mysteries, Book 1

    Unabridged Audiobook

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Publishers Summary
Private investigator Eddie Naku is hired by attractive divorcee Kathryn Higuchi on Maui to investigate the murder of her sister, Suzette Higuchi Bordeau, wife of a well-known criminal defense attorney. She was gunned down in a shopping center in the Upcountry region of Pukalani.
What seems like a routine case for the ex-police detective turns into a complex murder mystery as Naku uncovers a web of lies, deceit, arms trafficking, infidelity, seduction, betrayal, and more murders as he tries to solve a deadly crime. In the process he becomes a target and must identify the killer or killers before he winds up breathing his own last breath and leaving life in paradise behind.
Included is a complete bonus novelette, Killer Connection.
Honolulu fashion designer Kiyoshi Yoshida had just gone through the worst year of her life after her twin brother, Sergio Matsuko, one-time dedicated and decorated homicide detective for the Honolulu Police Department, was identified as the Aloha Black Scarf Killer, a serial killer who had raped and murdered seven women. He committed suicide before he could be apprehended.
Kiyoshi relocates to Maui, hoping to escape the notoriety, but is pursed by a true crime writer hoping to get info about Matsuko for a book. Also watching Kiyoshi is a stone-cold killer waiting for the right time to add her to her list of victims.
Bonus material also includes excerpts from R. Barri Flowers' Hawaii mystery novels Murder in Maui, Murder in Honolulu, and Seduced to Kill in Kauai.
Dead in Pukalani will keep you entertained and in suspense from beginning to end as a Hawaii mystery and spellbinding listen in the spirit of aloha!
©2015 R. Barri Flowers (P)2015 R. Barri Flowers
My Review
An intricate mystery, full of detail which made it a little hard for me to keep up with at times. Nevertheless, a good plot well told with plenty of twists to keep the listener guessing. Quite a twist at the end but there are a few clues in there for the diligent!
I enjoyed how the author dealt with how one of the characters found themselves embroiled in an unexpected moral dilemma, this added a sensitive dimension to the mystery.
There's not much more I can add to the comprehensive publishers summary without giving spoilers! All in all, an enjoyable listen, just make sure you are able to give it your full attention or you may miss out.
I can't really comment on the authenticity of location detail as I've never visited the place, but I did enjoy the descriptions of the area.
The bonus novella is certainly well worth a listen, thoroughly enjoyable, so thanks for that.
This is the second audiobook narrated by Jane Boyer I have listened to, she does a good job, but I had to increase the speed to 1.25 in order to listen comfortably. The sound quality is not the best, distorting the clarity of her voice a little, however, for whatever reason, it did improve or maybe I just got used to it. The recording didn't do Jane justice, as she does narrate well, she conveyed the various emotions well, and in a murder mystery there are plenty! I had no problem in differentiating the many characters. I thought Jane did a good job, but she deserves to work with better recording equipment.
This audiobook was provided by the author, at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com.

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