My Stupid Girl


My Stupid Girl

My Review

A young adult book, despite this being a classification I would not normally choose, I did enjoy the book, evidenced by my wanting to know the outcome of the story. It moved along well, holding my interest to the end.

Set in Montana, 17 year old David is an adoptee, his mother is dead, he lives with his father who, when drunk, becomes abusive toward David. David is a Goth, he and his Goth friends are hanging out together In the park, they like to act all cool and remote. Next thing, The lovely, well brought up Christian young lady, Lucy Peterson falls through the ice to her almost certain death. Seeing as nobody else was about to rescue her, David shakes off his cool aloof persona and bravely goes on to the ice, rescuing Lucy from the freezing waters.

This is just the start of the story of two teenagers, how they deal with their problems and how their respective families deal with them. It has a very satisfactory storyline, although some may feel that the story is an attempt to teach or preach.
Would I wish to change the story? Well yes, yes I would, but I am an older adult on the point of retirement, not the young adult for whom this book was intended.


I listen to a lot of audiobooks, the narration is pivotal to my enjoyment. If the narrator is ( in my opinion) bad, I cannot continue listening. I thought David Dietz' performance very enjoyable.
Changing gender vocally can't be easy but he did so with ease. I liked how, when I listened, I was immediately able to determine each character with no problems at all.
The only voice I didn't much care for was that of Grandma, I thought she sounded a tad too quivery and old, closer to 99 than the younger "old" I I had pictured in my mind.
Davids' voice is pleasant and easy on the ear, I don't know much about American accents, being British / Australian but they sounded pretty good to me. More importantly though, I found his mastery of the little nuances, inflection and change of pace greatly increased my enjoyment of this work.
Some narrators can sell a book, I believe David Dietz to be one of them.

This book was gifted to me by the narrator with no pressure to review. This review is my honest opinion.



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