Deliciously Ella with Friends: Ella Mills 3 STARS

Author: Ella Mills 
ISBN: 9781473655263
Pub. JAN 31, 2017 
Genre: Cookery / Health and Wholefood / Vegetarian
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Publishers Summary:
The much-anticipated follow-up cookbook from Deliciously Ella, the inspirational bestselling healthy food writer who has taken the cookery world by storm.
In the follow-up to her amazing bestseller DELICIOUSLY ELLA EVERY DAY, Ella makes it easy for you to prepare delicious healthy food for you, your friends and family, whatever the occasion. No more wondering whether certain dishes go together, Ella makes life simple with her menus - whether you are planning a laid-back brunch, a last-minute lunch or a fancy supper, Ella has it covered with wonderful hearty and filling recipes that celebrate her healthy eating philosophy.
With ideas and inspiration for every foodie occasion, including cosy nights in, easy kitchen suppers, flavoursome feasts, birthday parties, picnics and mocktails and cocktails, this is the go-to book for anyone who lives a healthy lifestyle and loves sharing food with friends and family.

I usually cook a meatless meal a couple of nights a week so I looked forward to maybe getting a few ideas from this book.
Nicely categorised with some tasty looking main meals, particularly within the feast section.  try the Indian style recipes, very tasty indeed
A good selection of desserts and a few cakes for those with a sweet tooth
Plenty of photos so we know what the food ought to look like, possibly too many photos of widely smiling, toothy young things, but then, the title does state “with friends”.
There is no Glossary. 
The norm in most cookbooks these days and, I believe, essential. I like to have a full glossary to explain each ingredient and its possible substitute. 
For example, which type of coconut oil is the healthiest choice? Especially as it seems to be a controversial food product these days.
I would like to know how to substitute those ingredients which are unavailable to me where I live, how much vanilla extract equates to two teaspoonsful of vanilla powder?
There is no Pantry list. 
A suggested shopping list of ingredients to keep on hand would be handy for someone embarking on a plant based diet.
Lastly, and my biggest grouch is why, oh why are nutritional values not stated? This is a book about healthy eating, readers need to know if the protein/fat/carbohydrate content of a meal is balanced. I found this omission very odd.

I’m afraid I was underwhelmed and a bit disappointed with this book, maybe my expectations were too high, but this book did not provide me with the information I have come to expect from a modern cookbook. 
Ella needs to give her readers more information for their money.
Review copy provided by Hachette Australia

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