Murder Strikes a Pose: Tracy Weber 4 Stars

Written by: Tracy Weber
Narrated by: Anne James
Length: 8 hrs and 18 mins 
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:08-16-16
Publisher: Tracy Weber
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Publisher's Summary

Seattle yoga instructor Kate Davidson often acts more like a champion fighting rooster than the Dalai Lama. When she's not teaching yoga, she spends her time hiding from her creepy landlord and dodging her best friend's relentless matchmaking attempts. Even though her father was a cop, Kate has zero crime fighting aspirations. She has enough trouble keeping her struggling yoga business afloat while trying to live up to yoga's Zen-like expectations.
Then she stumbles over a body in the studio's parking lot.
The police dismiss the murder as drug-related street crime, but Kate knows that George - a homeless alcoholic she had befriended-was no drug dealer. And if the police won't take his murder seriously, she'll just have to solve the crime herself. After all, "Drunk Dies in Drug Deal Gone Bad at Yoga Studio" isn't exactly the free publicity she's been hoping for.
Kate stretches herself and takes on two new challenges. First, solve George's murder. Second, find someone-anyone-willing to adopt his intimidating, horse-sized German shepherd, Bella, before Animal Control sends her to the big dog park in the sky.
But with Bella's time almost up and the murderer hot on her trail, Kate will have to work fast. Or the next time she practices Corpse Pose, it may be for real.
©2014 Midnight Ink (P)2016 Tracy Weber
I always  enjoy a cozy when one of the lead characters is a dog, and Bella is the real star of this show.
Kate Davidson gets upset when a homeless man, George, sets up right out side of her yoga studio to sell his papers. It isn't so much George that she objects to as his dog Bella, she goes crazy if another dog comes near, Kate worries that the racket she makes will disturb the calm atmosphere of her yoga classes. Times are tough for Kate at this time and she can't afford to lose customers because of raucous Bella.

Despite a rocky start, she and George come to an arrangement, but Bella is sick and losing weight, George discovers that she needs expensive enzymes in her food to keep her well. He tells Kate that he has an idea of how to get the money and then disappears for a few days.

Meanwhile she is deterring the advances of the charming pet store owner because he has a beard, she hates beards and, coincidentally, so does Bella.

George returns, Kate discovers his body, the police initially assess his murder as a drugs deal gone wrong, they don't seem to believe Kate when she denies that possibility. Kate temporarily takes over the care of Bella until she can find her a new home.

Kate is angry with the attitude of the police and so decides to investigate Georges murder herself. everyone warns her off, but she is determined and carries on anyway.

I quite enjoyed the story, except for Kate! Kate, you see, knows best. She has a really nasty mouth on her, upsetting people for no better reason that they dared to disagree with her, and nothing is ever her fault. She complains greatly about how little money she has but has no qualms about spending plenty in the coffee shop and on other things that it didn't seem likely she could afford. she didn't quite fit in with the whole yoga philosophy.

Still, she did seem to improve in character and temperament towards the end, so maybe there is hope for her yet in future stories. Who knows maybe Kate will start a new trend: the protagonist you love to hate!

I recommend this book for anyone who loves a cozy - and a dog!
Thoroughly enjoyable narration by Anne James, pleasant voice with good pace and rhythm. I loved how she portrayed Kate at her most indignant and obnoxious! Good gender differentiation, Anne gave each character a distinct and easily identifiable voice.

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