Bad Press: Maureen Carter 5 Stars

Written by: Maureen Carter
Narrated by: Clare Corbett
Length: 9 hrs and 44 mins 
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:03/05/2016
Publisher: Creative Content
5 Stars
Source: Own Copy purchased from Audible

Publishers Summary
A Bev Morriss crime novel
A serial killer is targeting paedophiles in Birmingham, and crime reporter Matt Snow always gets there first - ahead of the pack and the police. Is the murderer tipping him off?
Snow isn't revealing his source - not when it's a story to die for. But is the reporter breaking the news - or making it? Through it all, Bev has an exclusive of her own...a news item she'd rather didn't get round the nick. The guv knows, but he's on sick leave. Should she let DC Mac Tyler in on the secret - or keep mum?
©2008 Maureen Carter (P)2016 Creative Content
I'm not quite sure of the reason why I like the Bev Morriss series so much. I don't usually enjoy the "feisty but foolhardy" type of female protagonist so popular in crime fiction, but there is something appealing about Bev. Maybe it's all in the writing.

The opening chapter describes a man carefully performing his morning grooming ritual, he is a handsome man, always carefully dressed, yet on this morning he is taking extra care with his appearance, he has something of great importance to do today. He kisses his wife goodbye and leaves their beautiful home. 
Be careful, all is not what it seems!

When ambitious crime reporter Matt Snow took a call from the office to attend a crime scene he was so hung over that he almost refused. Only the thought that it might be the "Big Story" that would propel him to fame and fortune got him out of bed.
Little did Matt know what he was in for.
Matt was first at the scene, there were none of the blue lights or any of the police activity he had expected to see, just him and the dead man who, it transpired, was a paedophile. Two patrolling police constables spotted Matt with the body.

More paedophiles were murdered and Matt was always first on the scene, yet he insisted his information came from an anonymous caller. Despite his protestations the police believe he is involved. 
Yet much as she herself dislikes Matt she can't see him as a serial killer and so does a little more poking around on the side. She makes friends with another reporter at Matts newspaper, this reporter is happy to give Bev as much information on Matt as she can find. Information that leads to a very strange world.

Bev has her own private worries to deal with, confiding only in her friend Frankie and "the Guv" D.S. Byford who is on sick leave. Both are, in their own ways, trying to help Bev who,  living up to her reputation, is being as difficult as ever. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this story, it has a fast moving plot, interestingly drawn characters and a great ending.
Narrated by Clare Corbett, a noted actress of screen stage and radio. Clare is a very polished narrator with a lovely, easy to listen to voice. however, in my opinion Clares' weakness is the male voice, they aren't believable and I found it difficult to differentiate between some of them, particularly the ones with the Birmingham accent.

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