Silence: The Faces of Evil (prequel)

Written by: Debra Webb
Narrated by: Alicia Bordon
Length: 2 hrs and 12 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:07-21-15
Publisher: WebbWorks, LLC
Available from Audible
Publishers Summary
"Ten years ago... Special Agent Jess Harris has closed another tough case, and now she's determined to make it home to spend Christmas with her only family, her sister. Jess needs a break, and taking it far away from work is the only way to keep her mind off the many faces of evil waiting in the stack of case files on her desk. Running into the past wasn't part of the plan...
Daniel Burnett was Jess' first love. She'd fallen hard for him in high school. Together they'd gone off to college with big dreams. But not all dreams come true. Jess hasn't seen Dan in ten years when they run into each other on Christmas Eve night...yet no force on Earth can keep them apart."
©2013 Debra Webb (P)2015 Debra Webb
My Review
"Silence" is the prequel to Debra Webbs "The Faces of Evil" series featuring Special Agent Jess Harris and Daniel Burnett. Readers of the series say that it's good to now have the full story of their early history together as the books only provide a few brief details.
Jess hasn't been home to Birmingham to visit her sister in years, now she has just wrapped a case that has made her realise just how important her family are to her, so she sets off home for Christmas.
I liked how the story is told, each chapter alternates between Jess' latest case and her trip and arrival home.
With this being such a short story I'm not going to reveal much here, too difficult to avoid spoilers, however, it's a really good dark mystery, quite engrossing. Although not your usual feel good cosy warm and fuzzy Christmas story, there are some lovely heartwarming moments. I could have done without the sex scene really, too explicit for my taste but I am a bit prudish!
Now, all you Americans will know exactly what Publix is, but we don't have them here in Australia or the U.K., and even though it does later become obvious that it's a supermarket, it would be nice if all authors gave a nod to their overseas readers.
What did surprise me though was hearing Jess's accent, as she comes from Birmingham, I was expecting it to be Southern!
Narrated by Alicia Bordon who did a great job, I love it when a narrator is easy to listen to, when the story just flows without distraction.
Happy to listen to more of this narrators work.


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