The House on the Shore

  • Written by: Victoria Howard

    Narrated by: Ruth Urquhart

    Length: 8 hrs and 26 mins

    Unabridged Audiobook

    Release Date:08-25-14

    Publisher: Jeanette Woodall

    Available from



    Terror haunts a remote Scottish Glen. Heartbroken Anna MacDonald leaves Edinburgh to find peace at the edge of a Scottish loch. Safely ensconced in her late grandmother's cottage, she can finally heal her heart and write the novel that has burned inside her for years.
    Her peace is short-lived. When debonair artist Luke Tallantyre's yacht gets stranded in the loch, he seeks help at the nearest residence - Anna's croft. She finds him annoying. He instantly dislikes the stunning, but cranky hermit.
    But there's indisputable evidence that a hit man is on the prowl in the village. Is he after Anna? And what is Luke keeping from her that could deepen the danger? Against their wills, they join forces and embark on an adventure neither ever imagined... including a chance at true love

    This story gives us mystery suspense and romance all in the magnificent setting of the Scottish
    Highlands. The author describes the wonderful settings beautifully, allowing the reader to envisage the various locations with clarity which certainly enhances the listening experience. What I particularly liked about this story is that we are also given an insight of the effects of modern day life and of how it impacts those who live in this remote area.
    Those readers who love romance will not be disappointed, nor will those who like a bit of mystery and suspense, in fact it gets quite "shivers down the spine" on occasion. Anna is stubborn, and this trait does put her in danger, she scoffs at her friend Morag who has "the sight" and foretells danger ahead.......You must read or listen to the book to discover more. An enjoyable read, perfect for taking on holidays with you.

    Ruth Urquart captured a lovely lilting and authentic sounding Scottish accent for us to enjoy. Ruth has a good voice with cadence and rhythm which enhance the listening experience, add her characterisations and gender transition skills and we have a lovely performance.

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