Black December

  • Written by: Scott Hunter

    Narrated by: Wayne Farrell

    Length: 6 hrs and 57 mins

    Unabridged Audiobook

    Release Date:05-29-15

    Publisher: Myrtle Villa Publishing

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    DCI Brendan Moran, world-weary veteran of 1970s Ireland, is recuperating from a near-fatal car crash when a murder is reported at Charnford Abbey. The abbot and his monks are strangely uncooperative, but when a visitor from the Vatican arrives and an ancient relic goes missing, the truth behind Charnford's pact of silence threatens to expose not only the abbey's haunted secrets, but also the spirits of Moran's own troubled past....Black December is an atmospheric crime thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the stunning climax....

    My Review

    Despite being a little confused by the beginning and having to rewind, I was soon immersed in the story. For a short listen there's a lot going on, there's old murder and new murder at the Abbey school to be solved by DCI Brendan Moran and his sergeant, Phelps, they are getting on with the job when office politics come in to play and Phelps is replaced by a man who sneers at age and experience. At first I expected him to be won over by the lugubrious but clever Moran, but my goodness, did the author have other things in mind for the readers!
    That wasn't the only time I was to be proved wrong either, I was convinced of one of the characters' involvement in the dastardly doings, almost to the very end and when I discovered the truth I was actually relieved. Yes, I did get involved in the story!
    It's a little difficult to explain without spoilers, but I'll have a go, solving the actual crime wasn't too difficult, what proved to be a real puzzle was the how and why along with working out who was actually involved, there are some many threads to unravel. The story also draws in Morans' friends and his troublesome family, and as Moran is still suffering the ongoing adverse physical effects of an accident, he has many burdens to bear one can't help but feel sorry for him.
    I really enjoyed the wonderfully descriptive writing of this story and I look forward to the sequel. This book does make mention of "The Troubles" which may be distressing to some readers.
    An outstanding narration by Wayne Farrell who has just the voice for mysteries. No overacting here, just telling the story in the way a good narrator should, with perfect timing and pace. Each character was clearly defined and as I never noticed the gender changes, that tells me they were good too. Wayne is now on my favourites list.
    This audiobook was provided by the narrator, at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com.

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