Emerald City


Publisher's Summary

Seattle, May 1988: Why would up and coming musician Craig Adler OD on heroin just days before signing a major record deal?
Craig's band was the first of the new Seattle music scene to break out of the Northwest and they were about to hit the big time. With everything to live for, Craig had been clean for months; everybody swore it.
Music journalist Laura Benton is determined to find the answer. But as she digs into the story, the pieces don’t quite add up - and then the threats begin. Just a phone call at first, then a bullet in the mail ... and as the threats escalate, her dreams turn to nightmares in the Emerald City and Laura finds herself desperately fighting for her reputation - and her life.
©2013 Chris Nickson (P)2013 Creative Content Ltd

My Review
For a relatively short listen, this story packs it all in; music, murder, nostalgia and mystery. Not to mention the wonderful descriptions of Seattle, the clubs, buildings and nightlife of those times.
Laura has fought long and hard for her career in music, she doesn't play or sing but as a music writer, her job allows her to live in the world she loves. Moving within this world of creativity Laura is fully aware of the pitfalls and snares awaiting the young musicians who, following the mind altering buzz of performing, are at risk of succumbing to the equally mind altering effects of illegal drugs. She determines to use her skills as a reporter and her insider knowledge to find out what really happened. Laura finds herself at great risk, but what I did like is that the author didn't create one of those female sleuths who, against all advice and common sense, still put themselves in to ridiculously stupid and self endangering situations. Laura thinks about things, weighs up the odds and then acts.
I would have thought though, that finding him with his vein still tied off would have alerted the medics to suspicious circumstances. However, I really enjoyed the story, I hope we hear a lot more about Laura.
Beautifully narrated by Lorelei King, which added to my listening enjoyment, it's no surprise that she is one of the most popular narrators of the audiobook world. Unlike some actors who narrate, she doesn't do that awful overacting thing. I must admit though, I had to look at an online Kindle book to verify Craig's name as actually being Craig, not Creg. However, seems all Americans say it funny, there's even a YouTube video about this strange habit!
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