Unfinished Business


    Unfinished Business: An Angela Panther Novel

    5 STAR Performance by narrator Kathy Poelker
    Written by: Carolyn Ridder Aspens
    Narrated by: Kathy Poelker
    Length: 7 hrs and 39 mins
    Unabridged Audiobook
    Whispersync for Voice-ready

    Publisher's Summary

    Sometimes the dead need our help and sometimes, we need theirs.
    Angela Panther has a perfect life: A lovely home, an attentive, successful husband, two reasonably behaved children, a devoted dog and a lot of coffee and cupcakes. But while her life might border on mundane, she's got it under control. Until her mother, Fran, dies - and returns as a ghost. It seems Fran's got some unfinished business and she's determined to get it done.
    Now Fran's got some nifty celestial superpowers and isn't opposed to using them to levy a little ghostly retribution on her granddaughter's frenemies and even her own daughter, which doesn't make Angela happy.
    While Angela's shocked and grateful to have her mother back, she's not thrilled about the portal to the afterlife Fran opened upon her return. Now every ghost in town is knockin' on Angela's psychic door, looking for help - and it's a royal pain in the butt. Now Angela's got to find a way to balance her family life with her new gift and keep her mother in line. And it's a lot for one woman to handle.
    ©2013 Carolyn Ridder Aspenson (P)2014 Carolyn Ridder

    My Review

    The publishers blurb summarises the bones of the story pretty well, what it doesn't convey though, is the wit in the telling (writing) of the story.
    As with most lighthearted and entertaining books, it didn't take too long to get immersed in the story. Angela, it transpires, was born with the " gift" of seeing dead people, but she outgrew this. However, the ability hadn't gone away, it had merely remained latent only to be awoken again on the death of Angela's mother Fran. Mind you! Angela took some convincing that her mothers' spirit really was talking with her, and that she wasn't dreaming. It helped that her son Jake could also see, hear and speak with Grandma.
    The fun really starts when Angela realises that not only can she see and communicate with other spirits, some of them actually needed her, albeit reluctant, help.
    There are a few references of "going to the light", and Jake makes comparisons to Ghost Whisperer, one of his favourite television programmes.
    It's not all fun though, the book does deal with both serious and sad issues.
    Angela really is the star of the show, but there are some interesting characters just ready to shine in a sequel.
    Although I did not find the book to be riveting, Angela is a bright and interesting character and I look forward to her future adventures - so long as she stops annoyingly referring to her son as "little man" - he deserves better!

    Narrator Kathy Poelker

    The narration is superb, the golden voice of Kathy Poelker simply enhances the story, I'm sure I would not have enjoyed just simply reading the book, I needed Kathy to bring them all to life.
    This book was gifted to me in return for this, my honest review

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