Murder Sometimes

Murder, Sometimes: Jason Callahan, Book 1

Publishers' Summary

Fresh off the NYPD, Jason Callahan has his own detective agency, a nice apartment, and a secretary who doesn't drive him crazy. Jason is happy with his life. Until he meets Trina Dane, that is. Trina is that crazy lady you always worry about meeting. She's also psychic. From the minute Jason meets her, he finds himself spiraling downward into a world of ghosts, spells and demons. But Trina is also beautiful and funny and Jason can't quite force himself to stay away.
Jason and Trina's first case: The repeated attempted murder of one of the city's high rollers. Alarms haven't helped. Even video surveillance can't seem to detect the would-be assassin. Now, it's up to Jason and Trina. Can they catch the killer before he succeeds, or is he something beyond human, something beyond capture?
©2014 Patricia Lee Macomber (P)2014 David N. Wilson

My Review

Only a 4 hour listen, but my goodness, this murder mystery is just chock-a-block full of lovely entertainment. There's no time wasted " getting in to the story" here, it hooks the listener in from the start. From the very beginning I had kind thoughts towards this audiobook, it reminded me of the plays they air on the wireless, Afternoon Theatre or Book at Bedtime, a touch of nostalgia on my part maybe, but nevertheless, it worked for me.
It's also a darned good story, a mystery, a whodunit, and clever too. You see, the plot was not so very complicated that those who insist on solving it all out would be left foiled and frustrated, nor was it so easy that the mystery eejits such as myself could accidentally work it out before the end.
I'm not too fond of the old psychic/ paranormal/spirit type genre, as all too often the paranormal nature of the tale allows for incredible plots with head scratching outcomes. Not so here, this is a story full of interesting characters such as Trina, there is something very special about Trina Dane, a woman with a prosaic flamboyance - which is, of course, grammatically meaningless nonsense, but there is something about her, something with which the ordinary mundane non- paranormal person can identify. She seemed to know just how to deal with everybody! Including the grumpy disbelieving side of Jason, I also loved the way she dealt with his brother.
The unlikely duo of Trina and Jason work so very well together despite the fact that Jason hates to think so. I enjoyed the presence of his brother in the tale, a bit of a lad with his own interesting story, and I look forward to more of their post case dinners together.
I thought this to be a quirky, interesting, funny and absorbing story, cleverly written. This audio book was a freebie, but if subsequent books are longer, ( by a lot) then I shall be spending my precious Audible credits on them.

The Narrator: Scott Test.

The narrator was well chosen, and I thoroughly enjoyed Scott's narration of this book, his voice seemed just the right one to portray the weary ex cop. After the first few lines I hardly noticed him! Believe me that is one big compliment, there's nothing worse, nothing, I say, than an bad narrator intruding so rudely into a story. Scott Test has mastered all the aspects a difficult job admirably, I just hope he is chosen to narrate all the Jason Callahan books or I won't be listening.

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