The Widower's Wife: Cate Holahan 4stars

The Widower's Wife
Author Cate Holahan
Narrated by Teri Schnaubelt
Publication date Feb 28, 2017
Running time 10 hrs
Publisher: Tantor Media

Short Synopsis
In this compelling thriller from the author of Dark Turns, Ana Bacon is gone—leaving behind her wealthy husband and adorable daughter—but not everything about her disappearance adds up.

This is quite an intriguing multi layered and complex story which is quite hard to review without revealing too much of the plot.

Tom and Ana Bacon wanted for nothing, they had a beautiful home, expensive habits and a lovely child named Sophia. Now their world had imploded because Tom, a high flying banker had lost his job, he had taken big risks with other peoples money and had lost it all for them. Now, he was unemployable.
They scraped up some money and, leaving their daughter behind, took a cruise. 
Ana never returned.
Ana had disappeared, all the evidence pointed to the fact that she had gone overboard.

Ryan Monahan worked as an insurance claim investigator, he liked liars, real liars, he enjoyed the challenge of uncovering the truth.
He believed that Tom Bacon was one of those liars, a man who was intent on claiming the ten million dollar payout on the death of his wife.
Ryan had no proof, all he had was his ex cop instinct and his determination to uncover the truth.

The story is told from both Ana’s and Ryan’s point of view, it is complex and compelling with an ever present feel of impending threat which builds slowly to the conclusion.
I thought this was a very entertaining story but I did find that it stretched my credulity at times, nevertheless, it is certainly well worth a listen

The audiobook is narrated by the very talented Teri Schnaubelt who truly knows how to tell a story. She gives each character a distinct and believable voice, quite a challenge in this particular book. She has the awesome ability to create an atmosphere of chilling creepiness which fully immerses the listener in to the story.
I found no technical issues with this high quality recording 

Copy provided by Tantor Media for an unbiased review

Available here from Tantor Media

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