All I Ever Wanted: Lucy Dillon

Author: Lucy Dillon
ISBN: 978114736300260
Pub. Date: November 29th 2016
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
Source: Hachette Australia
Caitlin and Patrick had not been happy with each other for some time, Patricks’ habit of micro managing her every move smothered Caitlin and stifled her free spirited and impulsive nature. Patrick thought her to be too irresponsible to be trusted with managing the house and raising the children alone.
When he had to move to another city for his work, he fully expected Caitlin and the children to accompany him. Not so, she came up with many reasons to not move but Patrick believed that she was making just making excuses to not be with him, they decided on a separation.
Eva, Patricks sister, agreed to host Patrick and the children, Joel and Nancy for their weekend visits. Eva was recently widowed and now lived alone in a beautiful house with only her two little pugs for company.

I have to admit, when this book was sent to me for review I was put off by the “romance” label, however, I gave it a go.
I would say it is more a story about relationships rather than romance. You know the writing is good when the actions of the characters provoke a response from the reader. 

Time after time I felt that Caitlin and Patrick needed their silly heads banging together! If readers take one thing from this book it should be to realise the stupidity of underestimating the ability of children to sense trouble.

You see, Caitlin and Patrick decided not to tell the children of their separation until yes, you’ve guessed it, “The time was right”. Of course, the time was never right and they were then at a loss at what problem could be causing Nancy’s mutism.

Eva has her own story in this book, of how having the children in her house gradually turned it in to a home and brought warmth and love to her heart.

If you enjoy well written, warm, feel good stories you will love this one from author Lucy Dillon who is renowned for her heartwarming stories.

Review copy from Hachette Australia 

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