Audiobook Bloggers Week: Motivation Monday

Considering I missed the Sunday #SunnyHello I shall combine Sunday and Mondays posts (although its actually Tuesday here)

I started my blog about 18 months ago (maybe) though I don't "blog" as such, just post reviews and not much else - I'm not very chatty and live a very dull life!
I began listening to audiobooks about four years ago, it was when I first got my Ipad and was able to listen via the Audible app. I also listen to books on CD from the fabulous Bolinda Audio. I still read books though and my favourite genres are crime/mystery, cookbooks, bios and  little childrens books.
I listen when cooking, gardening and just generally doing things, I read books at night.

Apart from the convenience of listening on the go I love audiobooks because of the narrators, a good one makes a good book better. Over time I have found a few who have become firm favourites.
Books that I think do not suit audio are cookbooks, I do believe they are best suited to paper.

Now to #MotivationMonday and the question how do I start a blog?
I usually stick to one format: picture, book details and summary first, I usually use the publishers summary as they do it so well - certainly better than I can.

Then it is the hard part, the review!
Well, really I just ramble on saying what I liked and, if necessary what I disliked. I'm not keen on reviews that merely say "I hated it" with no explanation as to why.

I always write my thoughts on the narrators performance - good or bad.

I consider myself as a reader reviewer, I am no writer, my grammar leaves a lot to be desired and yes, (whispering here) I have tense issues ......

The most difficult reviews for me are of books I have disliked, I don't want to or see any point in being mean, after all, what I dislike may be just what someone else is looking for.
I do think I'm quite a generous reviewer but I never jump on the reviewing bandwagon, you know, giving 5 stars simply because everyone else has or because it has fabulous editorial reviews.
Giving me a book for free does not mean a good review.
If I hit a slump I look for something completely outside of my listening norm, recently I found a lovely little gem of a book in this way.

That's it fellow audiobook listeners and reviewers

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