Taste of Persia: Naomi Duguid 5 STARS

ISBN 9781579655488
Author: Naomi Duguid
Publisher: Artisan Books

Publication Date:  September 2016
5 Stars
Following up on Burma, her stunningly well-received exploration of another fascinating cultural crossroads, Duguid introduces us to the next place we want to visit with recipes for food we can't wait to make, and with tales that are memorable and moving. In the way that the Mediterranean has a common palate, so too do these nations: one centered on a love for the fresh and the green (beginning with the piles of fresh herbs that accompany every dish with abandon) and also the tart, as revealed in the ingenious use of sour plums, sour cherries, pomegranates, and limes. There are the delectable filled dumplings, flatbreads, and stuffed vegetables; plus gorgeous Persian rice dishes, grilled meats, and skewered kebabs. There are fresh cheeses, sparkly salads, spice blends, and spectacular sauces based on walnuts ground to a paste.

Taste of Persia is an adventure of discovery—not only of a fascinating region, rich with history and variety, but of a wealth of culinary traditions and innovations as well.

Taste of Persia: A Cook's Travels Through Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Kurdistan

This book is absolutely gorgeous, my first impression is of beautiful high quality colourful  illustrations of people places and food.
Interest is ramped up by the wonderfully descriptive travelogue and the fascinating anecdotes about a people I know so little about.

The layout is very well thought out everything I want in a cookbook as it includes Pantry Basics, the all important but too often omitted glossary, so necessary  when attempting new and unusual dishes. There is even an annotated bibliography - perfect!

Then of course there is the food! I would feel confident to try these recipes, though maybe not the plor dish, that looks a bit complicated for me, but there are several delicious looking other stews

Many of the recipes are cooked on the stove top, even bread recipes, I loved the look of the cheese filled quick breads and the half moon hand pies. The recipes are well written with clear instructions for the nervous cook, so no excuses for not giving them a go.

This is a book that I would look at often, I imagine the recipes will be well used and, even if not in the mood for cooking, the illustrations are worth looking at over and over.
What a fabulous and welcome gift this would be for anyone interested in food.

ARC via NetGalley for unbiased review

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