The Green Pearl Caper

Written by: Phyllis Entis
Narrated by: Tom Lennon
Length: 7 hrs and 24 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:05-25-16
Publisher: Quintzy Press

Publishers Summary
Celine Sutherland is dead - her body half-hidden under the Atlantic City Boardwalk - and Damien Dickens, P.I. killed her. Detective Lt. James Holmes found Damien's gun and wallet near the crime scene, and discovered Celine's cash-filled, emerald-studded evening bag hidden in Damien's apartment. Sylvia Sutherland, Celine's older sister and CEO of the family's tobacco empire, insists that Dickens pulled the trigger. And the Sutherlands carry a lot of influence in Atlantic City. Even Damien's secretary has deserted him - gone to work for the Sutherlands. Only Celine's younger sister, Susan, believes in his innocence. After Susan bails him out of jail, Damien follows his gut and a series of clues in order to clear his name. His quest takes him to several Atlantic City landmarks, inland to Everettville, a small New Jersey town, and north to Vermont, where he confronts Celine's killer.
The Green Pearl Caper, set in the summer of 1979, is the first in a series of Damien Dickens mysteries.
©2015 Phyllis Entis (P)2016 Phyllis Entis

Damien Dickens (Dick) had been set up as the murderer of Celine Sutherland, he feels responsible for her death as he had failed to protect her. This drives him to discover who is the true murderer, he is hampered in his investigations because the police find so much evidence against him.
The story is set in the 70s when, of course, all the whizbang technology of today had yet to be invented, this meant a lot of legwork for Dick. It was quite interesting really to hear of some of the investigative techniques used back then, like the close examination of typewriter ribbons!
The story is full of twists and turns and though slow in parts, does have an interesting plot to engage the reader and the ending has a couple of unpredictable surprises.
Having three women with names beginning with the same sounding letter was a bit offputting, but that's just a personal peeve.

Tom Lennon gives his usual superb performance, but both narrator and author were let down by whoever is responsible for sound quality. Very frequent changes in pitch and volume along with echo interfered with my enjoyment of this audiobook, the poor quality made it difficult to concentrate on the story.

Audiobook provided by the narrator, author or publisher in return for an unbiased review.

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