The Comfort of Black

Written by: Carter Wilson
Narrated by: Rebecca Roberts
Length: 9 hrs and 21 mins 
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:01-19-16
Publisher: Cherry Hill Publishing, LLC

What's the story?

HannahParks met Dallin back in the days when he was a man with plenty of potential and big ideas. They married, and, with time and hard work he fulfilled his business dreams, he became very rich and very powerful which allowed him to provide Hannah with everything she could ever wish for.Hannah and her sister were raised with very little, their father, Billy, was a drinker and made life very unpleasant for his wife and daughters. Now, with Billy out of their lives and their mother dead Hannah was now in a position to not only live in comfort herself, but to help out her sister who struggled to raise her own children as a single parent.Two incidents were to change Hannahs' life in ways which she could never imagine;A few sentences overheard when Dallin spoke in his sleep followed by the discovery of something rather shocking on an unused laptop were the beginnings of a story of the truly unexpected.

My Review 

For the first hour of listening I wasn't sure that I would enjoy this story, it seemed to drag a little, but then it took off. This is a very convoluted tale which takes the most unexpected paths, just when I thought I could predict the next step it would take a surprising turn. Despite its complexity it is well written, there are no superfluous unnecessary details clouding the storyline and I had no trouble in keeping up with the many exciting twists and turns.

It really is a page turner (or binge listen), I didn't take to Hannah, I failed to find much about her that I could relate to, but this served to make the story that much more interesting as, though I didn't much like her, I was rooting for her all the way!

Of course, it isn't until nearing the end that we discover the reasons for the whole plot, this did disappoint me a tad as I did think that the author could have devised a more plausible justification for the means to the end. I didn't really see the point of the sexual content either, it was by no means hard porn, not by a long way, but a bit much for me. Despite this, The Comfort of Black is a good read.


Rebecca Roberts has developed into a master storyteller, had it not been for her excellent reading I would most probably have given up on the book within the first hour and would have missed a great story.
She has perfected the skill of conferring a distinct and unmistakeable voice to each character, she doesn't miss an emotion either, the listener always knows who is speaking and what they are feeling. 
When Rebecca Roberts narrates the listener is assured of a top quality product.

This audiobook was provided by the narrator, author or publisher in return for an honest review.

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