Favourite Narrators in 2015

There are so many great audiobook narrators out there that it's quite a challenge to pick out the best. Some though just stay in your head long after book is finished, it's that magical combination of a truly entertaining and absorbing story matched to the perfect narrator. Those I've chosen here are from those listened to, but not necessarily published, in 2015.
Here they are, and I stress, they are in no particular order of merit, that would be just too hard!
Just to say, no narrator photos as they all seem to be copyrighted, don't want any strife thanks, but follow the links to their web sites if you want to know more, and the audible link to have a listen.
First up, Working Girls, first in the Bev Morriss British police procedural series by Maureen Carter. Narrated by the gorgeous and multi-talented Frances Barber, actress, singer, narrator and winner of awards.
It took but a few seconds of listening before I realised that here, in Frances Barber I'd come across a rarity, a narrator who I'd want to follow no matter what she read. She not only is the story teller, she is Bev Morriss, that's how real her work is. Anybody who has ever heard the Brummie ( Birmingham, U.K.) accent will realise how, erm, strange it is, just have a go at replicating it, you'll soon see, as I said in my review, they "talk funny" and lordy, what a difficult task it must be to consistently replicate it for the duration of an audio book. I admit to being a bit leery of actor narrators, I've listened to some really good actors ruining a narration simply by overacting, but Frances' narration was, in my opinion, just perfect. Which, I guess, is the difference between an actor and a great actor.
Sadly, as I discovered, subsequent books have been narrated by another, perfectly good and talented narrator, but to me, Bev Morriss is Frances Barber.
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Listen to a sample here
Next up, Dixie Divas, first in the Diva series by Virginia Brown. Narrated by the incomparable talented
Karen Commins, Southern lady extraordinaire.
How I love the Divas!
A cozy comedy mystery series, The Divas are a group of Southern Ladies with names like "Bitty" and "Trinket", as an elite group, they right all the wrongs in their world, albeit the wrongs are mostly of their own making!
If I had my way I would gift everyone a "Diva" audiobook, just to brighten the world for a few hours.
Nobody does Southern comedy like Karen, she brings these women to life and her timing can't be beaten, she absolutely nails it!
(In fact, I've heard a rumour that the Divas are real life people - and Karen is one of them) is there any truth in this I wonder?
I've nearly finished the series, but I ration the pleasure as I can't imagine running out of Karen and the Divas
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Listen to a sample here
Who next? Gerard Doyle, that's who.
His narration of The Cold Cold Ground first in "The Troubles" series written by Adrian McKinty is quite spellbinding, he is a true story teller and talented actor.
You can't listen to these books without believing that, yes, you are listening to Duffy himself. Gerard Doyle excels at every accent thrown to him, I don't even think about judging gender changes because I simply didn't notice them, he's that good.
This pairing of author and narrator simply couldn't be bettered, lucky for us he narrates subsequent books in this series.
I would love to hear Gerard Doyle perform a live reading.
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Listen to a sample here

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