The Casanova Killer

Written by Jack Smith
Narrated by John N. Gully
Length: 1 hour 29 minutes
Unabridged Audiobook
Released 2/11/15
Published by Kemah Bay Marketing LLC
Available from Audible
Publishers Summary
"Paul John Knowles, nicknamed the Casanova Killer, went on a four-month killing spree in 1974. He still remains one of the lesser known serial killers of his generation. Learn all about this psychopath who wanted fame before his life ended.
November 7, 1974
As she entered her home in Milledgeville, Georgia, all Ellen Carr probably had on her mind was going to bed. She was a registered nurse who worked a night shift, and although her small family welcomed the money, the job was a demanding one.
Inside, the house was unnaturally quiet. She found that odd. Her husband, 45-year-old businessman Carswell Carr, and 15-year-old daughter, Amanda, usually greeted her when she came home from the hospital.
That wasn't the only sign that something was seriously amiss. As an investigator later put it, "The [place] looked as if it had been attacked by an animal." Mirrors were smashed. Slashed furniture lay everywhere, some of it in pieces. Books from the bookshelves littered the floor.
Had they been robbed? Where were Carswell and Mandy? Heart pounding, Mrs. Carr ran from room to room, calling out. Minutes later, she was back outside, screaming hysterically. Neighbors called the police to what was obviously the scene of gruesome double ........
©2015 Jack Smith (P)2015 Jack Smith"
My Review
At around 1/12 hours in length this is obviously not an in-depth study of these horrendous murders, nor does it delve deeply into the possible causes of psychopathy. What is though is an almost detached rendering of the basic facts. Facts which are quite shocking to read or to listen to. I'm surprised that I had no prior knowledge of this killer who, despite his terrible acts of violence, somehow escaped the notoriety of other serial killers.
I mostly read crime fiction and, whilst listening to this I realised I had to change my listening mode, I had to stop allowing this information to merely flow through my head, bypassing the deeper thought processes, it dawned on me: this stuff is real! A human being actually did this to another human being! Once this thought sinks in, well, that's when it becomes a little harrowing, especially so when this man, this fellow member of the human race, committed these crimes for his own pleasure. Best not to attempt to understand why.
I like the way this book is written, it gives us the bare facts, dig deeper if you will.
Narrated by John N. Gully, and what a darned good job he made of it too. He has a pleasant, easy to listen to and clear voice and related this account of the crimes of Paul John Knowles in exactly the right manner.
It would have been easy to spoil the narration by using a news reporter or advertising voiceover style, I'm so pleased he avoided this through his use of a professional and dignified approach



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