Dead, Sometimes


Dead, Sometimes: Jason Callahan Psychic Detective, Book 2

  • Written by: Patricia Lee Macomber
  • Narrated by: Steven Jay Cohen
  • Length: 6 hrs and 8 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook
  • Release Date:04-14-15
  • Publisher: Crossroad Press
  • Publishers Summary
  • Jason Callahan, private investigator, and his psychic partner Trina Dane return in the second installment of the Jason Callahan Mysteries.

    Chloe Marsh is found dead at the scene of an accident and pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Half an hour later, as she is being taken to the morgue, Chloe suddenly sits up. But this isn't the first time Chloe has died, and it certainly won't be the last.

    Enter Trina and Jason. They've worked on cases together before, but nothing like this. Investigator Jason Callahan doesn't believe for a minute that Chloe has special powers, but psychic Trina Dane does, and she thinks she knows why. But what of the other people across the country who have had the same experiences? How did they really die? And how did one boy (and Chloe) manage to survive? Only Trina and Jason can find the answers, but they must do so before Chloe runs out of lives.

    ©2014 Patricia Lee Macomber (P)2015 David N. Wilson

    My Review

    This is the second book in the Jason Callahan series, in the first book, during the course of an investigation he meets the beautiful, flamboyant and psychic Trina Dane and together they solve the case. In this, their second case, Trina approaches Jason, asking him to go with her to Florida to look in to the strange story of Chloe Marsh. Chloe had been killed in an accident, yet seemingly miraculously came back to life. She undergoes some very strange changes and develops supernatural powers that nobody can account for.
  • The story revolves around the efforts of Trina and Jason to discover how to rid Chloe of what they believe is a spirit, they discover that others who had fallen victim to this spirit had eventually died .... except one. They must discover how and why he survived so that they might learn how to save Chloe from a certain death.
    I had thoroughly enjoyed the first book, which was, in my opinion a 5 star read with huge potential for a cracking good series, sorry to say, but I don't feel this one lives up to that potential. What on earth has happened to Trina and Jason? It was like reading about two different characters, apart from a brief mention early in the book, gone was the flamboyance and wonderful personality of Trina. Jason lost his witty dry wisecracking personality, there was no spark between them at all, they were dull. Chloe was for me, the star of the show, I thought her character was the most enjoyable of the story.


    I alway enjoy listening to Steven Jay Cohen, he does the job so well, characters are clearly and consistently defined. It's always a risk, I think, when a narrator takes over a series, and it's not something I am keen on, however, that's just my opinion.
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