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 April 7, 2013
Cookies And Cookie Bars are one of those desserts that we loved as children and still enjoy as adults. In My Cookie And Cookie Bar Recipe Book, you will not only find traditional cookie recipes, but also everyday Cookies and Cookie Bars you can make all year. Whether you like the traditional Wedding Cookies or something even more special like Apricot Bars this book is for you
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I Love to bake, and this little book is packed with lots of ideas from Sara Winlet.
I chose to bake the deluxe lemon-lime bars and, I must say, they were delicious, and pretty easy to make. There's plenty of variety to choose from for those who fancy something a bit different.
The layout of the book is traditional, having an ingredients list followed by an easy to understand method. There are some nice photos included to show us what the end result should look like.
The only drawback is that it caters to American cooks, the oven temperatures and measurements are solely American. Unfortunately the book does lack a conversion table  Had the author used the old (to us) pounds and ounces, it would have been easier to use or convert, but using cup and spoon measurements is confusing, simply because American, Australian and British cup and spoon volumes vary.

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