All Saints' Secrets 5 Star review

    • Written by: Nicole Loughan
    • Narrated by: Suzy Lexington
    • Length: 3 hrs and 35 mins
    • Unabridged Audiobook
    • Release Date:06-25-14
    • Publisher: Little Spot for Stories
    • Available from:
    • Publishers Summary

      "After her death the kids used to say her ghost haunted the plantation."

      The bayou holds many secrets. One of them is what really happened to Lisette, a beautiful Creole teenager who died on the last day of school. Everybody in Fanchon's reclusive bayou parish knows Lisette died in a boating accident, but when the police take a closer look, they unearth the dead girl and find a surprise in her grave.

      All Saints' Secrets is the sequel to To Murder a Saint. It is highly recommended that the Saint books be listened to in order.

      My Review

      First things first, I love the cover, it's also quite a rarity as it has an apostrophe in the right place!

      Now for the book: I thoroughly enjoyed the first in this series and had looked forward to catching up with Fanchon. This is a short listen and like the first book, is just packed full of action - no waffling here! Fitting so much in to a short space of time means that every sentence is important and meaningful, so don't get distracted whilst listening as you might miss something.

      Fanchon is still clinging to the forlorn hope of remaining in New York, the odds are stacked against her yet she insists on attending a pre arranged job interview for a pianist, which everyone but Fanchon herself knew she was doomed to fail. She is forced to face the reality of her situation, and that reality is her inability to cope alone with the activities of daily life, so, back to the bayou to be cared for by Abolina. Having lost both of her daughters to gruesome ends, Abolina pours love and care on to Fanchon, yet she tries to persuade Fanchon to contact her estranged parents.

      This is just the beginning of the thrilling bayou adventures, the search for Fanchons' attacker, the truth surrounding Lisettes' accident and the strange mysteries surrounding Fanchons' own family. For those of us unfamiliar with life in the bayou there are some fascinating facts to discover, the traditions of All Souls' Day and All Saints day, which serve to enrich the story. This is another great book from Nicole Loughan, and it lived up to my expectations, I'm eager for more!


      It's always pleasing when one narrator reads a series, especially when they perform as beautifully as Suzy Lexington. Consistently good, she brings the characters to life, Suzy connects her listeners to the characters and story, when I'm listening, they become real to me and as such, are difficult to forget. Great job.
      This audiobook was gifted to me in return for this, my honest opinion.


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