The Chaser Chronicles


  • Written by: John C. Dalglish

    Narrated by: James Killavey

    Length: 8 hrs and 57 mins

    Series: Chaser Chronicles, Book 1-3

    Unabridged Audiobook

Publishers Summary

Book One

The Chaser Chronicles - A new series from the author of the popular Det. Jason Strong series.


Jack Carter has a calling on his life, and it's not your ordinary ministry. He's been called to be a Chaser. The problem for Jack, he has no clue what a Chaser is. But he'll soon find out, and it will change everything and everyone around him.
©2013 John C. Dalglish (P)2014 John C. Dalglish
Book Two


is number two in The Chaser Chronicles, and the follow-up to Crossover. Jack Carter thinks he's finally got a handle on his new ministry as a Chaser. Then the people he cares about most are targeted by a Runner who doesn't mind killing an innocent to accomplish his purpose. When someone dear to Jack is murdered, he must put a stop to the Runner before anyone else suffers. A showdown is inevitable, but what happens does not go according to plan.
Book Three


Jack Carter thought he'd seen the worst, but that was just wishful thinking. A revelation comes to light, as Jack prepares to face Harbinger alone, and it changes everything.
On top of that, the news is delivered by a beautiful envoy from the Council. She is not what Jack expected, and he must prepare for battle, while trying to sort out his feelings.
Does his heart still belong to Mandy, or has the new woman in his life changed his mind.
What he does know, if he doesn't defeat Harbinger, his feelings won't matter anyway.

My Review

I have to admit, I enjoyed this series more than I thought I would, there are loads of books out there of this genre, and we all know of the Ghost Whisperer on the TV. However, I haven't come across another where our hero works for Jesus and God, they are all usually pretty vague about that aspect, just being somewhat "spiritual" in nature.
First of all, I do wonder if the frequent references to Ministry, prayer and Jesus might not put some people off, but I can't see why it should, if they are non believers then why would they not merely accept it as fiction?
Secondly, I can appreciate how some Christians will enjoy the story because of the Christian slant, but it certainly might be a problem for others. I have some family members would not be happy at all, but I would simply echo the author, just enjoy it for what it is, a good story!
The story lines are well laid out in the publishers summary, I can't really add much to that without spoiling. I actually listened as if I had the three separate books, taking a break between them, I feel it would have been an overload of Christianity to listen for too long. However, that's a purely personal opinion, and I think listeners will be pleasantly surprised by these stories.


It did take a little while to get used to the narrators style, a little too "voiceover" at times, nevertheless, once I grew accustomed to it, it did not distract from the work

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