Yoga Mediation

Yoga Mediation:

The Guide for Yoga for Beginners

Publisher's Summary

Yoga and meditation have been used for centuries to get the body back in balance, to get rid of built up stress and rid the mind of clutter. To learn exactly what benefits can be had from practicing these two disciplines Yoga Mediation: The Guide for Yoga for Beginners is the perfect tool. It was created from the perspective of an author that had a positive journey into the world of yoga. Yoga is not hard to do and it is in fact recommended for persons that cannot do high-impact workout routines. It is a gentle art that is extremely effective. This audiobook teaches all of that and more.

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My Review

The first half an hour or so is spent in describing yoga, its origins, its many different forms and of course, the health benefits derived from practising this age old mind and body workout. We then learn of the different meditations and,the seemingly many, breathing techniques.

We then proceed to the workout, a series of exercises or, more accurately, positions, each one preceded by a sometimes lengthy description of its particular benefits.

I must say, the instruction of how to achieve these positions is excellent, can't be easy to describe some very unusual arrangements of the body!

What did I, as an interested novice, think of this user guide? I have to say, it was all too much!

The first half hour, so chock full of information, is too diverse, I don't, at this stage - and that's as an absolute beginner - need to know so much, especially as there is so much strange and unfamiliar terminology to struggle with.

This kind of introduction to an unfamiliar topic may well suit some, because in all fairness, it is packed with information, but it just proved too much too soon for me. As a learning tool it failed me, however, we all learn differently so it may prove to be just the job for other pupils.

Narrator Jullian Kline

Fortunately, the narrator, Jullian Kline has a lovely, crystal clear musical voice which helped me stay to the end.


This audiobook was gifted to me in return for this, my honest opinion.






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