Essential Oils Guide

Publisher Summary

The uses for essential oils are considerable. They can be used for medicine, for the home, for cleaning, for pets, and much more. Some can be consumed orally, while others are topical only. Some are also poisonous and should never be used in any circumstances. Following an essential oils guide can help you to maximize all of the benefits and ensure that you know when and where to use each of the different essential oils that you buy.

My Review

This could be re named "all you need to know about aromatherapy and oils, in under one hour"
Packed with information, starting with some historical facts, the author moves on to the uses and benefits of various oils. How to choose and blend your oils and routes of delivery.
If any are interested in a career in this field, I would say this is an idea starter.


Well narrated, Robert Driver has a clear diction and a pleasant voice.



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